1988 started with a bang in Sydney's Chinatown and it wasn't just the fireworks. While the rest of the country was celebrating, the biggest bank job in Australia's history was taking place. "The Great Chinese Take-Away" the press tagged it, and in those missing safety deposit boxes were items infinitely more valuable than money. A gold key with a dragon on it: why did the Chen family want it back so badly? It started as a routine case for Claudia Valentine, but that's not the way it ended up. Claudia's hunt for the key spins her into a world of ancient treasures and modern Triad killings, through sleazy back streets and exotic oriental temples. And everywhere, nothing is as it seems.


Marele Day

Marele Day grew up in Sydney and graduated from Sydney University with BA (Hons). Her work experience ranges from fruit picking to academic teaching, and she has worked as a freelance editor. She has travelled extensively and lived in Italy, France and Ireland. Travels include a voyage by yacht from Cairns to Singapore which resulted in near shipwreck in the Java Sea.  She now resides on the New South Wales north coast.

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Series: Claudia Valentine

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