The guardian of a boy from the Arctic Circle with a secret that might change the world risks her life to prove he’s innocent of murder in New York City.

Bobby Kungenook, a mysterious seventeen-year-old hockey phenom from the Arctic Circle is accused of murder in New York City. Bobby’s guardian, Nadia Tesla, knows his true identity. If his secret gets out, it could cost him his life. Sports journalist Lauren Ross is in hot pursuit of Bobby’s story. Where did the boy with the blazing speed and magical hands come from? Why has no one heard of him before?

Nadia’s certain the boy is innocent, but the police have a signed confession and an eyewitness. To discover the truth about that night in New York, Nadia must dig into the boy’s past. Her international investigation—in New York, London, and Ukraine—will make her an unwitting pawn in a deadly game and reignite her quest for a priceless treasure, one that could alter mankind forever.


Orest Stelmach

Born in America to Ukrainian immigrants, Orest Stelmach spoke no English when he started his education. He went on to earn degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago. He has held a variety of jobs, including dishwasher, shelf stocker, English teacher in Japan, and international investment portfolio manager. The Treachery of Russian Nesting Dolls is his fifth novel. He lives with his wife and their rescue cat in Simsbury, Connecticut.

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Series: Nadia Tesla

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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