Brisbane 1999. It's hot. Stormy. Dangerous. The waters of the Brisbane River are rising. 
The rains won't stop. People's nerves are on edge. And then...
A body is found. 
And then another.
And another.

A string of seemingly ritualized but gruesome murders. All the victims are men. Affluent. Guys with nice houses, wives and kids at private schools. All have had their throats cut. 

Tabloid headlines shout, THE VAMPIRE KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!

Detective Sergeant Lara Ocean knows the look. The 'my-life-will-never-be-the-same-again look'. She's seen it too many times on too many faces. Telling a wife her husband won't be coming home. Ever again. Telling her the brutal way he was murdered. That's a look you never get used to.

Telling a mother you need her daughter to come to the station for questioning. That's another look she doesn't want to see again.

And looking into the eyes of a killer, yet doubting you've got it right. That's the worst look of all - the one you see in the mirror. Get it right, you're a hero and the city is a safer place. Get it wrong and you destroy a life. And a killer remains free. Twenty years down the track, Lara Ocean will know the truth.


Tony Cavanaugh

Tony Cavanaugh is a writer and producer in film and television, writing numerous dramas since the 1980s. He has over thirty years’ experience in the industry, in all fields, from the genesis of an idea to production. He has written and edited award winning shows, The Sullivans, Once Were Warriors, Fire, Medivac, The Day of Roses and Through My Eyes. He has lectured at several prestigious universities and institutions including RMIT, Melbourne University and the Australian Writer's Guild and has been a regular guest on ABC morning radio with Jon Faine, commenting on the film and television industry. He was also invited to judge the Logie Awards, Australian Film Institute Awards and the International Emmy Awards, held in New York.

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Series: Lara Ocean

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