Celia Robinson is paying Private Investigator Kit O'Malley big money to find out what Celia's philandering husband Geoffrey is up to with a blonde, a redhead and entrepreneur Ian Dalkeith and his shady business cohorts. Enduring a heatwave and fighting the inanimate objects that are out to get her are the hardest parts of Kit's assignment - until a body is found floating in the Robinson's ornamental fish pond.

While the cops pursue their own lines of inquiry, Celia's daughter Quinn hires Kit to find the killer and Celia's butler, who has suddenly gone missing. What Kit doesn't count on is Quinn's determination to be involved in the case - and to make matters worse she brings along her lawyer, Alexis Cazenove. After the discovery of another body and a near miss with a homicidal driver, Kit realises she's getting close to something - even if truth seems to be that everyone has a secret.


Lindy Cameron

Lindy Cameron wanted to be a famous scientist when she grew up but became a surburban journalist instead, until she got bored filling the gaps between the ads and switched to book editing because it meant she didn't have to interview people. She is now a crime writer - which is what she wanted to be in the second place.

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Series: Bryn Gideon

Series: Kit O`Malley

Series: Scarlet Stiletto

Series: Sherlock Holmes

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