He's also the owner and sole employee of the Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency and, as his dear old Mother said, 'occasionally his own worst enemy'. That was until Frank meets Joe Shadii, aka 'The Pharaoh'.

Frank is hired by a London based solicitor to find the twin sister of his client in Hobart. It starts out as an easy-peasy, money for jam case that turns nasty.

Then, an ex-girlfriend, the lost love of his life, calls upon him to assist her brother who looks like going down for the brutal murder of his pregnant partner. And of course, Frank takes on the case.

But as with most of Frank's life, all is not what it first appears. Smuggled heroin, a handful of murders and coming face to face with The Pharaoh was not what Frank had anticipated in trying to win back his lost love.

It's all just as his dead old Mother used to tell him, 'sometimes, life's just like that.'


Barry Weston

Born a Capricorn in Paddington – ‘The Paddo’ Brisbane, Queensland, Barry Weston now lives with his wife and two chocolate Labradors on a few acres on a small island south of Hobart, Tasmania overlooking the Great Southern Ocean. In previous lives, he gained employment as various means of survival; as a car-park attendant, stereotyper, advertising salesman, commercial printer, private art teacher, railway porter, an ‘outee’ Painter and Docker, roof-painter, sign writer, cleaner, hotel barman and ‘security attendant’ (read that as bouncer). Through such employment and friendships, he came in contact with a cast of varied characters, from solicitors, professional thieves, police officers and hard-men. These experiences and yarns from such people feed into his fictional crime writing, and have assisted in developing an insight and understanding of the ethics of the ‘knock-about’ bloke, and the up/down side of the wrong/right coin. He is a graduate of the University of Tasmania with a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts. His forty odd year career within the visual arts consists of thirty-eight solo/group exhibitions, regionally, nationally and internationally. He has taught visual arts at tertiary level at a few Australian universities, and Artist-in-Residence at a few others. After resigning his position at La Trobe University, Bendigo as Head of Department in 1999 and relocating to an island life-style, he has left the studio doors ajar, but now focuses primarily upon writing.

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Series: Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency

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