Power enables people. The powerful can do things, but sometimes what they do breaks the law. Milton Orkopoulos had sex with teenage boys, Rex Jackson sold Get-Out-of- Jail-Free cards, and Joh Bjelke-Petersen told a whopper on oath. These men were all lawmakers, parliamentarians, and law breakers. One became The Hillbilly Dictator, as close as Australia has come to a one-party police state.


John Kerr

John Kerr worked as a police roundsman and court report for a daily newspaper in New Zealand, and has resided in Melbourne and Sydney since 1977. He has published many true crime books, including Untold Violence; Walsh Street; Neddy: the life and crimes of Arthur 'Neddy' Smith; The Phillip Island Murder; Hellbent: Ces Waters and Me; and Roger Rogerson's memoir, The Dark Side. He is the author of Wanted: John & Lucy about the helicopter hijack and prison break, Bloody Relations: true stories of murder in the family and a series of 96-page books on true-crime themes. He is working on this country's first book on its killings by contract, The Hit Men, and a dictionary of Crime & Punishment in Australia, to be published in 2010.

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Series: Commuter Crime

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