Subversion thrives on turmoil. In Holland to study at the mysterious Grotius Institute, Leon Davies is accosted by a student linked to foreign radicals.

The encounter plunges him into an intrigue which will haunt him for a lifetime - leading finally to his interrogation by a counter-espionage expert who confronts him with evidence gathered in Australia.

The questions probe deep. Doubts, fears, myths, betrayals, utopian illusions, are all relentlessly exposed, then stripped away.

At the centre of the affair, stands the Bellarmine Jug, the strangely inscribed curio which seems to hold the key...


Nicholas Hasluck

Nicholas Hasluck was born in Canberra in 1942 and later studied law at the University of Western Australia (1963) and Oxford (1966). After completing his studies he worked briefly in Fleet Street in London as an editorial assistant before returning to Australia in 1967 to work as a barrister. He was deputy chairman of the Australia Council 1978-82 and was made AM. His father Sir Paul Hasluck was a minister in the Federal Government under Robert Menzies, and was later appointed Governor-General of Australia. On 1st May 2000 Nicholas Hasluck was appointed as a justice of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

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