Torn was a pretty average sort of kid, as far as kids go, but as he grabbed his lucky red cap, flew up the stairs two at a time, and scoffed his pancakes that morning, he had absolutely no idea of how un-average his day was going to be. His Mom was taking him to see someone who, for Torn, was probably the most coolifying person in the whole world.

He was going to see his hero.

He was going to see Jesse Martin!

It was December 7th 1998, and Jesse was departing on his world record breaking journey to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around the world. And incredibly, although neither of them knew it, Torn was going to go with him!

Travel with Torn on his incredible adventure as he watches how Jesse deals with his disappointments and loneliness, battles raging storms, and suffers unbearable weather conditions. Amazingly, making mistakes are ok, doing things isn’t nearly as scary as thinking about doing them, and great achievements – no matter how big – are achieved just one day at a time!

In fact, by the end of Jesse’s inspirational, world record-breaking trip, Torn finds himself understanding one of the greatest truths of all:

You can be your own hero!!

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