The future Facebook timeline of Jess Mount is terrifying.  Jess does not know why she is the only one in her present able to view her future in this way and she wants desperately for the events the posts describe to never occur.  In about 18 months time, Jess's FB page will become another tribute board written by those who mourn her, by those who faux mourn her, and by those who know the truth of how she died.   

Jess learns that in the next year and a half she will be married, become a mother, and then be killed.   It seems a blisteringly short time to have had such life changes, especially considering Jess has only just met the future father of her baby.   Increasingly invested in the welfare of a baby she hasn't yet given birth to, Jess's timeline is frighteningly and prophetically laying out all that will happen and that the end of her life is inevitable.  Or is it?


Linda Green

I was born in North London in 1970 and brought up in Hertfordshire. I wrote my first novella, the Time Machine, aged eight, shortly after which I declared that my ambition was to have a novel published (I could have been easy on myself and just said ‘to write a novel’ but no, I had to consign myself to years of torture and rejections). I was frequently asked to copy out my stories for the classroom wall (probably because my handwriting was so awful no one could read my first draft), and received lots of encouragement from my teachers Mr Roberts, Mrs Chandler (who added yet more pressure by writing in my autograph book when I left primary school that she looked forward to reading my first published novel!) and Mr Bird.

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Review Review - After I've Gone, Linda Green
Andrea Thompson
Monday, September 4, 2017
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Review Review - After I've Gone, Linda Green
Andrea Thompson
Monday, September 4, 2017

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