It started so innocently. But doesn't everyone say that?

In the opulent rooms of a Sydney specialist, Nina and James Wilde are waiting. Waiting to learn whether the rare, blood disease that killed James' father will threaten not only James, but also their much loved son, Luke.

But that's just the beginning of Nina's torment. She has a secret, one that is now a decade old and just as capable of destroying everything that is most important to her. Memories of another time and a sweet, passionate love that should never have happened are haunting Nina, and suddenly her grasp on life and happiness seems more precarious than she could ever have anticipated.

The doctor's face was impassive...Often he had sat here watching women like Nina, smiling through their deceit...But Dr Jones had just changed the rules. This one wasn't going to get away with it.


Bunty Avieson

Bunty Avieson grew up in Victoria and worked for 20 years as a journalist on newspapers and magazines in Australia and Britain.

She was editor of Woman's Day and Editorial Director of New Idea. In 2000 Bunty left magazines and took up fiction writing full time.

Her first novel Apartment 255 won two Ned Kelly Crime Writing Awards (best First Novel and Reader's Vote) and has been translated into German and Japanese.  She has written two other novels, The Affair and The Wrong Door.

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