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Not a formal review, more a bit of a comment. I read this because I've been trying to make sure I plug some gaps in my Australian author reading.

Fabulous Nobodies isn't crime fiction, I think if I was trying to find a "category" it would be cringe fiction :)

Reality Nirvana Tuttle, known to her friends and fans as Really is a tad obsessed with fashion. Actually tad's probably not the word: utterly, completely, obsessively, dangerously, weirdly obsessive is probably better.

This is a book about one girls life in New York, working as a door bitch at a very "it" club, naming her dresses, obsessed with her clothes and the way that she and everyone around her looks. Fabulous Nobodies reads like absolute fluff, but under the fluff there's a biting critique of the narrow minded self-obsessed of our world. Sure the joke goes on just a bit too long and gets mind-boggling tedious in places, but maybe that's part of the joke - why are we still reading about such mindless people, why oh why.

Year of Publication

'I'm standing on the door of the Less Is More club, thinking about my fingernails. I'm up here, above the throng, a fashion leader, with the crowd below almost swooning at my feet, and I'm dressed impeccably from head to toe except for three chipped nails on my right hand. Three chipped nails! ...

'My name is Reality Nirvana Tuttle, and I was born in 1968. Nineteen sixty-eight was one of the great years in modern history. It was the year Yves Saint Laurent shocked the fashion world with his first see-through blouse ...

Review FABULOUS NOBODIES - Lee Tulloch
Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007

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