A husband and father is betrayed, a son chases a ghost through the decades, a Russian arms dealer wants his hands on a priceless ruby, a young woman disappears with the keys to the mystery, and a female insurgent fights for her life. The Past and the Present are on a collision course.

When a young Police Lieutenant is betrayed to the enemy, a series of events are set in train that echo through the years from the jungles of Malaya to London, Saint Petersburg, Malacca, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Lying low in Malaysia after the Dragon’s Claw case, Galahad Jones is approached to locate family heirlooms that went missing sixty-eight years before. It's a wild goose chase, Jones knows, but the commission is too good to pass up.

Meanwhile, an ageing MI5 agent vanishes with a classified file and the agent’s disappearance triggers alarms deep within a clandestine network – he must be stopped at all costs.

The hunt for the Dragon’s Eye is on. But what is it, where is it and what is the deadly secret it holds? Only one woman knows for sure and she will do anything to remain hidden, for the Dragon’s Eye is her protection.

As the past waits to exact its revenge, and the bodies begin to pile up, Galahad Jones is on the case and no secrets are safe.


A.C. Edwards

Andrew is an ex-policeman, paratrooper, and Special Forces Officer. He then went on to work as a Security Advisor across SE Asia, as a bodyguard for several High Net Worth Individuals and as a security contractor in the Middle East, where he was the Regional Security Director (APAC) for a multi-national company across 14 nations.

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Series: Dragon

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