TAKE OUT is the third DS Stevie Hooper book by WA based author Felicity Young, the blurb on the back from Carmel Shure, co-convenor of the Sisters in Crime Australia is "Another skin-tight DSS Stevie Hooper investigation".  And Carmel's a lady who knows her crime fiction.

From the Blurb:

You take my girls and I take you:  Skin for Skin

A deserted house.  The remains of an unfinished meal.  An unexpected find.  And a routine police investigation going nowhere.

Opening Lines:

The dead cycad might look like a rusty buzz-saw in a pot, Stevie thought, but it was hardly a portent for disaster.

Year of Publication

When DSS Stevie Hooper steps into the empty Pavel house and someeone else's jurisdiction, she upsets more than the ego of a struggling suburban cop.

She has breached the defences of a ruthless group that has at its rotten heart a disregard for human life.

With her own family in crisis, the last thing Stevie needs is Skye, a driven young nurse, insisting she investigate the case.  But when Skye turns up dead, Stevie knows she can't rest till she's avenged her friend's death.

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Submitted by Karen on Sun, 24/01/2010 - 07:13 pm