I've picked this book up after having it here for the longest time, because it's an upcoming discussion book on 4 Mystery Addicts
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"A grey bird glided in and out of Harry's field of vision.  He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.  Slow time.  Somebody had been talking about 'slow time' on TV yesterday.  This was slow time.  Like on Christmas Eve before Father Christmas came.  Or sitting in the electric chair before the current was turned on."

After absolutely loving The Devil's Star I have high hopes, even though these were published out of series order so this is an earlier book, clearing up what happened to turn Harry into the person he was in The Devil's Star.

Year of Publication
Book Number (in series)

1942:  Daniel, a soldier legendary among the Norwegians fighting at the Eastern front, is killed.  Eighteen months later in a Vienna hospital, a wounded soldier becomes involved with a young nurse.  The consequences will ripple forward to the end of the century.

1999:  Having caused an embarrassment in the line of duty, Harry Hole is lumbered with monitoring neo-Nazi activity; a fairly mundane assignment, until reports of a rare weapon being fired attract his interest.  Meanwhile, an ex-soldier has been found with his throat cut.  Pursuing both his assignment and his hunches, Harry embarks on an investigation in which he has much to gain and everything to lose.

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