I'm as startled as you are.  Light-hearted, bordering on chick-lit and I've really enjoyed the latest (and much waited for) release from Jennifer Rowe.

From the Blurb:

She stared into the speckled mirror, wondering how she had come to this.  How could she, Holly Love, apple of her parent's eye, competent manipulator of invoices in Gorgon Office Suppplies, have ended up alone and starving in a dead man's flat?

Opening Lines:

Holly Love's life fell apart on a Monday.  Somehow this made the whole thing seem even more surreal.  Being an optimistic sort of person, Holly had always thought of Mondays as new beginnings, days of promise.

Year of Publication
Book Number (in series)

Holly Love's in big trouble - she's got to find the cheating swine who ripped her life apart, which turns out to be a huge mystery involving a gloomy old house, a hearse-driving Elvis impersonator and a gang of vengeful thugs - not to mention a possessed parrot and a very cute guy who might just take her mind off all her woes! A funny and hugely entertaining mystery from a brilliant storyteller.

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