I thought this might be a little light reading to get me back into the review book stack. 

From the blurb:

Like many English villages, the veneer of calm tranquility presented by Moulton Bank disguises a labyrinth of secrets, lies, intrigue and petty jealousies that stretch far back into the past and are soon to cast a tragic pall over the future.

Opening Line:

As the home side lined up to clap in the visitors, the non-playing members in the lounge made positive noises about the prospects of their team for the rest of the season.

Year of Publication
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When Inspector Steve Carmichael and his family move from London to the village of Moulton Bank in rural Lancashire they all expect a quieter existence, both domestically and professionally. After a career in the Met, Steve doubts that his new post will present much of a challenge, but is pleased to escape the intrigues of his old force, and knows that the move will delight his wife Penny, who spent her childhood in Moulton Bank.

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