Another entry in the Lachlan Fox series.

From the Blurb:

Water. It promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th ... and some people will do anything to control it.

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Six names and one GPS location.
A death list.
If there is a person, there is a problem.
If there is no person, there is no problem.
Time to make these problems disappear…

When ex-navy operative turned investigative journalist Lachlan Fox blows open the story of the decade, simmering tensions between India and Pakistan hit boiling point.

A continent’s water – liquid gold – is at stake and one man thinks nothing of a potential all – out war when there is money to be made.

Before helpless millions die, Fox is determined to expose the corrupt Umbra Corporation, and the man behind it, to the world. With hefty prices on their heads, Fox and his trusted man-at-arms, Al Gammaldi, are pitted against time and a ruthless web of terrorist cells, rogue secret agents and dirty money. Flanked by news agency GSR and the FBI, Fox and Gammaldi are going to give as good as they get, but nothing can prepare them for the ferocity of this fight.

Fox knows that the truth alone triumphs . . . and it’s going to hurt. 

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