A Greater Evil (Evil is Done in the US) is the 8th Trish Maguire book by Natasha Cooper. 

"The clay was dead between his fingers.  Cold and sticky as always, but unco-operative too. It smelled of decay.  He wasn't a fool:  he knew it was his mind and not the stuff itself that was the problem."

Year of Publication

Can you ever trust anyone, however much you care about them?" ""Things aren't always what they seem . . ." " "In the eighth Trish Maguire novel, Abandoned as a baby and brutalised in care, sculptor Sam Foundling is the obvious suspect when his wife Cecelia is found beaten to death in his studio. Trish, who Maguire acted as his barristerfor him years ago, when he was an abandoned child being brutalised in care. She saved him then, but trying to protecting him b hopes he didn't do it. Her campaign for him, now will brings her up against DCI Caro Lyalt, the senior investigating officer . . . and her own best friend. Evidence against Sam mounts up. Cecilia's powerful mother is pressing for his arrest. The police hierarchy want him charged for the brutal murder. If Trish is to save his sanity, and her own, she must unlock the secret offind out exactly what happened in the studio that morning, and time is running out . . .

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