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DON VITO is a voyage of no return into the infernal circles of Italy's recent history, recounting forty years of undercover relations between politicians and the Mafia.  Vito Ciancimino, 'Don Vito of Corleone', was one of the leading players in Sicilian public life in the years after the Second World War.  He was a controversial and notorious figure, the man behind the infamous 'Sack of Palermo', and for decades the crucial hinge in all the hidden machinations between the Mafia, state authorities, business and the secret services.

Blowing the lid off Don Vito's mysteries is Massimo Ciancimino, the fourth of his five children, the son who was closest to him during his life and was at his side during countless difficult and dangerous situations.  Telling his own story for the first time, Massimo gives a gripping and vivid account of his father's incredible career.

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Massimo Ciancimino, the youngest and closest son of former politician and mafia boss Vito Ciancimino, was barely eighteen when he was chosen by his father to be his general aide and initiated directly into the double life of the 'Mayor of the Corleones' - a world that he was part of until his arrest on the 6th June 2006.  Over the last year he has been collaborating with magistrates to help shed light on both his father's dark secrets and forty years of links between the mafia and politics in Sicily

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