I'm really pleased to be reading this first book from a new to crime author.  So far it's very clever / funny.

"It was perfectly clear to him now, dangling in the wet tussock cleavage of a broad hill that slid towards the headland cliffs.  Nothing like fresh air and imminent death to clarify things.  Jack could see exactly when his life had begun to go downhill.  It was that Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks ago when he stepped off the bus in Double Bay.  He had gone two stops past where he should have.  A man suspectible to omens might have understood it was a warning.  But Jack Susko thought it was his lucky day.  Not having seen one for some time, it was an easy mistake to make."

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Jack Susko is trying for a quiet life in his second-hand bookshop in downtown Sydney. It's more tin mine than gold mine, yet it's his and that's something. But when a wealthy businessman hires Jack to locate some books for him, life starts to get a little more complicated. Soon he's up to his neck in family secrets, corruption and murder, plunged into a world he thought he'd left behind. Making a play for the businessman's beautiful daughter doesn't help matters. And as the bodies start piling up, Jack can't help but wonder when second-hand book dealing became so dangerous.

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