At the front of this book it mentions that Judith Cutler has written over twenty novels, including two crime series set in the murkier depths of Birmingham.  There are also standalones set in the countryside.  Cold Pursuit has a really interesting central character - Chief Superintendent Fran Harman, about to retire, called back to duty when resourcing problems arise.  I can't think of another book I've read with an older female CS character, so it will be interesting.

"'Chief Superintendent Harman!  Ms Harman!'

Fran caught the eye of one of the many reporters frantically claiming her attention.  The press conference room was packed this Wednesday morning.  As you'd expect  Sex crimes always brought reporters out of the woodwork, especially ones that could say had a sniff of the serial rapist about them.  Most questions were vacuous, elicting bland responses with just a few reporters making acute points she had no intention of responding to."

Year of Publication

When a colleague becomes seriously ill, Chief Superintendent Fran Harman has to delay her impending retirement to oversee an investigation into a recent spate of 'happy-slappings' and minor assaults in the area.

The wave of incidents has ignited a media furore and Fran soon finds herself having to spend as much time trying to control the press as trying to catch the criminals.  However, the local reporter who initially broke the story may have personal reasons for taking such an avid interest in the case.

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