I really like having collections of short stories on hand - I try to keep one in the car, and salted around various other locations so that I have something to dip into if I'm short of time, or in the middle of other things.  This is an older collection that I only recently found.

From the Blurb:

The Mean Streets team again!  The Wanda Beach murders, the disappearance of Harold Holt, the Bogle-Chandler case, the missing proceeds from the Qantas Bomb Hoax, the mystery of the Beaumont children and the Shark Arm murder.  These are just some of the real cases 'investigated' by the cream of Australian crime writers who were given the brief to take a famous Australian murder or mystery - and solve it!

Writers include Nigel Krauth, Robert Wallace, Peter Corris, Garry Disher, REL Cassidy, Marele Day, Kerry Greenwood, Jean Bedford, Steve Wright, J.R. Carroll and Robert Hood.

Year of Publication

A series of real cases investigated by Australian crime writers who were asked to take a famous Australian murder or mystery - and solve it!   Have they really stumbled onto new information, or are their speculations merely fiction?

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