The author of The Blood Detective - Dan Waddell is a journalist who has published ten non-fiction books, including Who Do You Think You Are? - tied in with the BBC TV series (which we've become quite firm fans of).

Dodging the prologue:

"Detective Chief Inspector Grant Foster, stiff from lack of sleep, dragged his tall, weary frame from his brand-new Toyota Corolla, feeling the familiar ache of being hauled from his bed in the middle of the night.  Even though he had stopped smoking six months ago he felt a pang for nicotine.  Arriving at a murder scene had been one of those occasions when he would habitually spark up; part of a ritual, a summoning of will.  He cracked his knuckles and sniffed the cold air."

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It's not the best start to DCI Grant Foster's day:  standing over a mutilated body in a windswept London churchyard.  Although the killer has left a cryptic and brutal clue.

It is only when the clue is handed to Nigel Barnes, a specialist in compiling family trees, that the full message becomes spine-chillingly clear.  For it leads Barnes back more than one hundred years - to the victim of a demented Victorian serial killer.

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