Upside:  made it down to Melbourne for Friday night's Sisters in Crime event with Leigh Redhead and Wendy James.  Laughed a lot.  Great night.

Downside:  more than a bit brain dead on Saturday after a 2.00am return home and a dog induced early rise (seems we needed to be reminded of our priorities).

So I was looking for something entertaining to read on Saturday in front of the fire.  Something told me that Blood in the Cotswolds by Rebecca Tope would be just the thing.

From the Blurb:

Thea Osborne and her faithful spaniel, Hepzie, have taken on another house-sitting assignment, this time in the very quiet village of Temple Guiting.  Detective Superintendent Phil Hollis is looking forward to visiting for a night or two and celebrating the couple's one-year anniversary.  A slipped disk in Phil's back soon puts an end to their romantic weekend and instead Phil finds himself forced to take sick leave, with a none too sympathetic Thea as his unwilling nursemaid.

Opening Lines:

June 7th, at last!  Phil Hollis hummed a broken medley to himself, in sheer boyish exuberance at having reached the long-awaited date without any last-minute impediment.  Even the sun shared his sense of a holiday deserved, as it rose over the hills and warmed central England to Mediterranean levels.

Year of Publication
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Thea Osborne and her faithful spaniel, Hepzie, have taken on a house-sitting assignment in the charming Cotswold village of Temple Guiting. But as always, an idyllic village can harbour a disquieting number of secrets and when a skeleton is discovered at the roots of an old beech tree, Thea is grateful for the presence of her partner DS Phil Hollis. There is no concrete evidence as to who the bones belonged to although it isn't long before theories and rumours abound. Thea soon finds herself drawn into a murder investigation - perhaps the countryside isn't that quiet after all.

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