I was lucky enough recently to generate the eBook version of this book for Derek, and whilst you don't get much of a chance to read a lot while you're doing that, there were more than enough glimpses too intrigue.  It's not a case that I know anything at all about, but it definitely looks like something utterly incomprehensible. 

From the Blurb:

Dead By Friday – How lust and greed led to murder in the suburbs

He was once a bronzed lifesaver, but is now a balding, overweight Beaurepaires manager nearing 40, an ambitious man with desires his marriage cannot satisfy. She is 29, the wife of one of his employees; a serial cheater and manipulator, she can curl her lips into a knowing smile and bat bedroom eyes at any man who cares to take a second look. Kevin Matthews and Michelle Burgess are made for each other.

The affair begins with furtive sex in parks and offices, moving on to Scotch-fuelled lunchtime trysts in Adelaide motels. Their marriages crumble, his career and finances suffer and the obsession deepens. The pillow talk turns sinister. She issues ultimatums. Drastic action is needed if they are to be together.

DEAD BY FRIDAY draws on the meticulous Major Crime investigation and puts readers at the detectives’ sides as they hunt three unlikely killers. Set in Adelaide’s aspirational west and the struggling northern suburbs of Davoren Park and Elizabeth, it seeks the disturbing truth about Michelle  Burgess. How did a schoolgirl who told extravagant lies to get attention grow up to be a serial sex predator turned killer? The truth is revealed in a forensic profile created for the book that reaches conclusions that shock even the eminent forensic psychologist who compiled it.

For the first time, detectives, witnesses, families, friends and lovers reveal how the terrible conspiracy and crime unfolded, leading to an inexplicable third affair and the seduction of prison officers behind bars. Should authorities fear that Michelle Burgess may strike again?

Year of Publication

A compelling portrait of murder for hire in the Australian suburbs, it begins with a dangerous sexual predator seducing her husband’s sleazy boss. Their obsessive affair leads to public sex and disturbing fantasies. From the suburbs that spawned the Snowtown killers, enter the hitman. For the first time, the truth about the lovers who wanted their partners dead, but didn’t count on shrewd detectives, a brave husband and a shattered family – all determined to bring three killers to justice.

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