Machete (Jake and Jouma Series) - Piatkus Books, Paperback, 352 pages [Our New Books - LibraryThing]


I blame my friend EM in LA, who insisted on pointing out Book Depository's Advance Order options. 

So I guess I blame Book Depository for being all alluring with these things.

But I also blame Nick Brownlee for writing a tremendous first book - which means that I'm always on the lookout for follow ups.

Regardless of who is to blame, I really liked Bait and the other books in the series are automatic buys as soon as available for me now.

So maybe I should just blame my complete lack of self-control..... nah.

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It's Christmas and a machete-wielding predator with links to Kenya's most feared crime organisation is handing out severed heads as gifts. Inspector Daniel Jouma finds himself drawn once again into the island's toxic heart. Meanwhile, when an old friend becomes the killer's latest victim, fishing boat skipper Jake Moore decides it's personal.

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