Matti Yrjänä Joensuu

Matti Yrjänä Joensuu (born 1948) was a Finnish writer of crime fiction. He was awarded the State's Literature Prize (1982), Vuoden johtolanka prize (1985, 1994, 2004), and he was nominated for two Finlandias. He received the Martin Beck Award in 1987. He graduated as a police in 1973 and worked as a crime investigator at the Helsinki police station's violence group.


Series: Harjunpää

Book Number:
Review THE PRIEST OF EVIL - Matti Joensuu
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Blog Currently Reading - The Priest of Evil, Matti Joensuu
Karen Chisholm
Friday, December 24, 2010

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