Alida Van den Bos

What makes Alida van den Bos one of the most prolific writers of fictional novels in the publishing business today? Her background is not compatible with an ability to churn out reader-enthralling thrillers, five in two years, as her animated mind plots, creates and perfects power-packed paperbacks. Born in Arnhem, Holland in 1930, the family moved to Tilburg where she was educated. With her husband, Gerard, and two children she emigrated to Australia in 1959, then lived among South Australia ’s opal fields at Coober Pedy, later using her experiences in life to further her writing ambitions by producing short stories. The family’s next move was to Orange in mid-western New South Wales where she gave birth to her third child. After purchasing a property in that area, Alida and her husband kicked off a racehorse-stud, aptly named Running Hoofs, ultimately leading to successes in local and metropolitan Sydney races. Then it was on to the nearby city of Bathurst where the couple operated an antique and old wares business until retirement on New South Wales ’ Central Coast. But retirement was not for Alida. “I want to write, write, write,” she declared to the world, then honed her natural talents by enrolling with the renowned worldwide tutoring group, The Writing School, successfully completing the 20-assignment course to earn a diploma that hangs proudly on her study wall, along with her acceptance as a member of the Australian Society of Authors. Titles of her novels to date indicate the strength of the story-lines ... Amy – Her Fight for Freedom, A Swastika for Anita, Jennifer’s Odyssey, Dead Certainty and her latest literature classic, Flight Into Death. Alida’s enthusiasm for fictional writing will never wane. Her natural talent and inherent enjoyment would not allow it.



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