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Syd Fish
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Allen & Unwin
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Old Selwyn Dixon has been boring Syd Fish and other regulars at the Acropolis cafe for years with stories about his heyday as a jockey. When he goes missing, nobody notices but Val, the big-hearted waitress at the Kings Cross greasy spoon. Even Selwyn's employer, a social-climbing Sydney trainer, seems oddly uninterested in the little jockey's welfare.

When Val guilts Syd into looking for Selwyn, the clues lead to Crash Through, a panel beating shop that serves as business headquarters for a bikie gang, and ultimately to the racing world. Assisted by taciturn bouncer Luther Huck, and journalist Lizzie Darcy, Syd is catapulted into a case that includes car bombings, scheming women, a dawn motor cycle ride, an unpleasant experience at the morgue, and a shoot-out in Rushcutters Bay Park.

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