A Second Hand

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Mandarin Australia
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Crime Fiction
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Detective Inspector Franz Heineken, aka Pufferfish, is a cop who loves to be loathed.

Roaming the backwaters of his bedevilled island home, Pufferfish is led to investigate a mysterious and clueless attack on a second-hand dealer. But while Ira Cone's injuries are not serious, her volunteer work for a soup kitchen attracts the attention of the good detective's ever-probing eye.

Taking up a frustrating night-vigil, Pufferfish is surprised to encounter a peculiar sleeping tramp: young, Jesus-faced, indescribably stinking and wearing $20,000 worth of sable coat. Not to mention the diamond accessories and precious rings. And who is Kingo, who cannot - or will not - speak, and has a large swastika tattooed between his shoulder blades?

Pufferfish closes in on Ira's attacker and the muted, mad feral Kingo. But nothing comes cheap in this business.

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