NO JUSTICE - Robin Bowles

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No Justice
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On 19 July 1995, two young men stumbled upon a partially clothed skeleton, wearing lingerie, high-heeled boots and jewellery, in a disused mineshaft near Bonnie Doon, Victoria.

The sensational find was identified as the remains of transsexual Melbourne prostitute Adele Baily, who had been missing for more than 17 years.  How did Adele Baily die, and why was her body hidden in a forgotten mineshaft?

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This is the story of the life of Adele Baily, her death and the connection between the location of her body and the house in which Jenny Tanner died.  Victorians, in particular, will probably be well aware of the case of the supposed suicide of Jenny Tanner - who supposedly shot herself in the head, twice, with a shotgun, fired by her toes.  But this book's not about Jenny Tanner - it's about Adele Baily and the location of her body and the connection with ex-policeman Denis Tanner.

Reading this book wasn't a very satisfying experience to be brutally honest.  Probably a personal opinion, as I think I prefer my true crime reading to lay out the details of a case and allow me to draw my own conclusions.  NO JUSTICE felt, to me, like there were viewpoints being expanded and conclusions drawn for me. 

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