Just Another Little Murder

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Phil Cleary's pursuit of the justice denied his sister is revealed through this powerful account of her killer's life and crimes.;

'Eyes downcast, his head framed by the shadow from the flash and his thick hands a patchwork of freckles branded with scars from the removal of tattoos, the man captured by the police camera on the day he killed my sister was a pitiful figure.'

It should have been easy, but neither family nor the law could stop this man from murdering Vicki Cleary. On a sunny August morning in 1987, outside the kindergarten where she worked, Peter Raymond Keogh stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death.

When Phil Cleary heard the jury's verdict of not guilty on grounds of provocation, he was outraged by the lies and deceits that let a bad man get away with murder. For the next fourteen years he combed police and court records detailing Keogh's life and crimes, listened to the stories of good women who suffered the criminal's terror, and waged a public war against the complicity of the legal fraternity, psychiatrists and a parole officer who fell for a coward's lies.

Impassioned and articulate, Phil Cleary takes us on his journey to set the record straight and to seek the justice that was denied his sister. This is a powerful story of the heartbreak murder brings to an ordinary family, and a brother's obsession with retribution.

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