Death Adder Dreaming

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'He stepped down from the rocks onto the riverbed. Six minutes to live, but he didn't know it then. He loved - and feared - this place as it was, but its secret was going to come out now ... He began crossing the riverbed ... Four minutes.'

Why as part-Aboriginal lawyer Tony Grant brutally murdered in a lonely outback gorge?

What was the secret that threatened his beautiful Asian girlfriend Dana?

Ex-policeman, Rob Grant, the murdered man's white brother, probes deep into the Red Centre of Australia to expose the dark mysteries of the past - and to find the gruesome killer.

Rod and Julia, an American advertising executive, plung into a nightmare of police corruption, drug-running and Aboriginal mythoology as they investigate the bloody puzzle of Tony's death - and his mysterious birth.

Tony had many enemies - and one of them hated enough to kill.

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