Currently Reading - Stingray, J.R. Carroll

I've been hoarding the remaining J.R. Carroll books I've got and grabbing any I find for a while now.  There's not enough of them.  STINGRAY is one of the early ones - from 1994.

The blurb:

'You reckon you've seen every thing, but you never have, have you?  There's always something really stuffed up ahead.  Waiting for you...'.

The bodies of eight women are uncovered in the scrub at Kinglake.  For Kerry Byrne, head of the task force investigating the murders, it's a problem he doesn't need.

Opening Line:

"They held back momentarily behind the stainless steel tanker.  The glare reflecting from it hit them between the eyes like sheets of exploding white glass under a sky so swollen with heat that it looked more like burnished gold than blue."

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