Currently Reading - Ludo, Boyd Anderson

From the Blurb:

Sydney, 1961:  Jockey McAuley is just looking for a little direction in life.  On a fast track from high school to the old school, he stumbles into the notorious Phoenix affair, a netherworld of shady deals, half-truths and men with more sides than a cut diamond.

And then there's Ludo.  Glamorous, unattainable Ludo, playing everyone by her own rules.  The game changes fast, and a wink and a nod can get a capable young man anything from a gun in the face to a fortune in his kick.

Opening Lines:

Mr Hardacker said to me once, 'We can't ever tell what will happen at all, can we?' and boy, did he know what he was talking about.  Come to think of it, he said it more than once.  He was someone I paid a great deal of attention to - a very great deal, because I had been charged to do so - and at the time I didn't realise he was quoting from a book and merely assumed it was another of the casual observations he was often inclined to disponse, but I came to understand a little while later that what he was actually doing was cautioning me, giving me the early mail that I did indeed have no idea what lay in store for me.

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