Currently Reading - Crooked, Camilla Nelson

CROOKED was actually released last year, but I've just got my hands on a copy now so I bumped it up the queue.

From the Blurb:

Set against the backdrop of the Askin government, with events revolving around notorious crime identities Dick Reilly, Lennie McPherson and Johnny Warren, Crooked reveals the dark underbelly of Sydney during the late 1960's.

Gus Finlay is a young detective who is transferred to the Criminal Investigation Branch, which is run by Senior Sergeant Reginald Tanner, a charismatic cop with an unorthodox way of getting results.  Gus realises fast that he has a lot to learn.

Sydney is a savage place.   A series of violent killings escalate with a spectacular execution-style murder.  When a black book with names of prominent politicians and members of the police force is discovered among the dead man's things, the case is blown wide open, and someone will have to pay ...

Opening Lines:

January 1968.  This was the moment Gus had been coming to ever since the start.  He was acutely aware of the water trickling from the holding tank into the stainless steel urinal, the way the light glinted on the splashback and scratched metal basins, the naked bulb burning in the hallway outside.  He sensed the approach before he saw him in the mirror.  He experienced the moment at one remove, as if it was happening to somebody else.

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