In the Blood

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Young Adult
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She has been banished from the city to a remote area and a murdered girl lands on her doorstep - Danielle has always been 'linked' to others so when her links were cut and she was banished from the city it was a shock in more ways than one. She no longer had fast access to information, food, friends - anything.

Now she will fend for herself and she is notorious for having been part of an experimental type of linking with 3 others. They are either dead or dead to Danielle anyway.

Then, soon after moving in, an injured young girl turns up on her doorstep- the girl soon dies and Danielle cannot let go of the mystery of her death. With Neil, who lives in a neighbouring commune, she begins to make enquiries at places all over the countryside and starts suspecting that someone is making illegal modifications to humans - could it be that vampirism is becoming a trait in some humans from this illegal activity.

And, if so, how far has it gone - can Danielle find the source before they are all dead. An exciting, fast-paced read from one of Australia's premier storytellers for young adults.

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