2010 Davitt Award Nominees

The list of nominees for the 2010 Davitt Awards has now been released.  More wonderful reading to catch up on!

* Marks the ones I've had the good fortune to read so far.


Allen & Unwin - Sharp Shooter by Marianne Delacourt *

Allen & Unwin - Forbidden Fruit by Kerry Greenwood *

Allen & Unwin - Red Dust by Fleur McDonald

Arcadia - Steel River by Antoinette Eklund

Hachette - Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry

Harper Collins - Labyrinth of Drowning by Alex Palmer *

Harper Collins - Too Many Murders by Colleen McCulloch

Harper Collins - A Beautiful Death by Fiona McIntosh *

Harper Collins - Siren by Tara Moss

Harper Collins - Gene Thieves by Maria Quinn

Harper Collins - Gladiatrix by Rhonda Roberts

Pan MacMillan - Move to Strike by Sydney Bauer

Pan MacMillan - Pearl in a Cage by Joy Dettman

Pan MacMillan - Bloodborn by Kathryn Fox

Pan MacMillan - The Killing Hands by PD Martin

Polygon Press - The Devil's Staircase, Helen Fitzgerald

Penguin - Riding High by Emma Boling

Penguin - Red Queen by H (Honey) M Brown

Random House - Ghost Child: The Past Is Always Close Behind by Caroline Overington

Random House - Black Ice by Leah Giarrantano *

Zeus Publications - Pestle & Mortar by Carol Gibson


Allen & Unwin - The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

Allen & Unwin - Genius Wars by Catherine Jinks

Allen & Unwin - Liar by Justine Larbalestier

Interactive Publications - Hedgeburners: An A~Z Mystery by Goldie Alexander

Random House - Pop Princess by Isabelle Merlin

Random House - Cupid’s Arrow by Isabelle Merlin

Scholastic Australia - Conspiracy 365 - January by Gabrielle Lord *

Walker Press - The Walk Right in Detective Agency – Bad News for Milk Bay by Moya Simons

Walker Press - The Walk Right in Detective Agency – On the Case The Walk by Moya Simons

Walker Press - Right in Detective Agency – Mischief Afoot by Moya Simons


Allen & Unwin - Lady Killer: How Conman Bruce Burrell Kidnapped and Killed Rich Women for Their Money by Candace Sutton and Ellen Connolly

Boolarong Press - A Greater Guilt: Constance Emilie Kent and the Road Murder by Noelene Kyle

Ford Street Publishing - Crime Time: Australians Behaving Badly by Sue Bursztynski

Jewel Publishing - Salvation – The True Story of Rod Braybon’s Fight for Justice by Vikki Petraitis *

PanMacmillan - Hotel Kerobokan: The Shocking Inside Story of Bali's Most Notorious Jail by Kathryn Bonella

Random House Lambs to the Slaughter by Debi Marshall

The Five Mile Press - Blood Brothers: Justice at Last by Robin Bowles

The Five Mile Press - Outside the Law 3 by Lindy Cameron, ed. *

Viking (Penguin) - Forensic Investigator: True Stories from the Life of a Country Crime Scene Cop by Esther Mckay

Looks like I'd better get reading.

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