Kaaron Warren

#amreading Sherlock Holmes, The Australian Casebook, edited by Christopher Sequeira

I've been dipping into this collection now for a while, working my way through an amazing range of short stories, all set in Australia, written by local authors harking back to the style of Arthur Conan Doyle. As is always the way there's something for everyone in these.

From the Blurb:

Sherlock Holmes, The Australian Casebook

Author's Home Country: 
Crime Fiction

It’s 1890. Holmes’s fame has spread even to the colonies, and he and his stalwart chronicler Watson are swept up in an array of mysteries Down Under. They find themselves summoned from place to place, dealing with exciting and unique mysteries in every corner of this strange island continent.

Contributors include Kerry Greenwood, Meg Keneally, Lucy Sussex, Kaaron Warren, L.J.M. Owen and many more.

Echo Publishing
Year of Publication: 

Ned Kelly Awards 2017 Submissions List

All the submissions to the 2017 Ned Kelly Awards have just been announced and as usual, every year as the entries start to roll in, I start to fret about the ones I haven't had a chance to read yet - this year, needless to say is no different :) Check out the full list at: http://www.austcrimewriters.com/2017-submissions or follow the links below to those that somebody here have been lucky enough to review.