In the Dark

Top Ten(s) of 2010

Having just posted my top 10 (with wiggle room) on 4MA - I thought I'd repeat it here.  Mind you, it's a thankless task having to pick an arbitrary number out of all the great books I've been lucky enough to read this year....

IN THE DARK - Mark Billingham

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In the Dark
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United Kingdom
Crime Fiction
Little & Brown
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Currently Reading - In The Dark, Mark Billingham

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The really good thing about finally getting some wet weather in these parts is that you get some reading done!  So I'm really doing some catching up.  IN THE DARK is a standalone from the wonderful Mark Billingham which has been lurking here for quite some time.

From the Blurb:

A deadly crash

A dangerous quest

A shocking twist

Opening Lines:

Helen Weeks was used to waking up feeling sick, feeling like she'd hardly slept, and feeling like she was on her own, whether Paul was lying beside her or not.