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Anybody who knows me will be aware that I'm mathematically challenged. Besides, I hate giving numbers of stars as reviews and Top 5's or 10's or whatever numbers give me heartburn, so instead, I wanted to just re-mention some of the books that made my reading 2012. I was rather pleased to have hit the 120 that I set myself as a goal on Goodreads (in fact if I was up to date with reviews) I reckon that number will end up much closer to 140, which is not a bad effort given that it was a hellishly busy year all round. But enough waffle.

THE SINNER - Petra Hammesfahr

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The Sinner
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Author's Home Country: 
Crime Fictin
Sub Genre: 
Psychological Thriller
Bitter Lemon Press
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Currently Reading - The Sinner, Petra Hammesfahr

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Cora Bender killed a man. But why? What could have caused this quiet, lovable young mother to stab a stranger in the throat, again and again, until she was pulled off his body? For the local police it was an open-and-shut case. Cora confessed; there was no shortage of proof or witnesses. But Police Commissioner Rudolf Grovian refused to close the file and began his own maverick investigation. So begins the slow unraveling of Cora’s past, a harrowing descent into a woman’s private hell.

The Sinner, Petra Hammesfahr

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The people at Bitter Lemon Press are really evil

They send me these seemingly innocuous little messages with notes about books and suddenly I've got cravings.  Surely this is just addict encouragement.  Anyway - this arrived in my email box this morning and now I can feel that desperate sweat breaking out:

The Sinner

by Petra Hammesfahr

Out now in the UK in bookshops and through online retailers