J J Burn

Broken Swallow

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Crime Fiction

Detective Sergeant Sam Mornington's life is a mess. Having lost his only child to leukemia two years prior, his marriage is now falling apart. So when he is assigned the task of investigating the death of a missing psychiatric patient, he is initially relieved to have the distraction. However, what appears to be a straightforward case of drug overdose, soon escalates with the discovery of a second body.

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J J Burn

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Burn, J J

About the Author

J.J. Burn, author of Broken Swallow, lives in the foothills surrounding the city of Adelaide in South Australia, with her husband and son. She works part time as a Clinical Nurse in the field of psychiatry, specialising in mobile crisis work. Her time is divided between nursing, writing, caring for her son and when time permits, her garden.