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Blood Brothers

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True Crime

Blood Brothers is investigative journalism at its best and most relevant.

All over Asia, bankers, gangsters, government officials and intelligence agents interact, while organised crime networks threaten the rest of the world. Russian gangsters are active in New York, Miami and California; Chinese gangs run Chinatowns all over the United States and Europe; Vietnamese mobsters have taken over the heroin trade to Australia, and the Japanese yakuza not only influence government and business at home, but chase the yen through Southeast Asia and Hawaii to Australia's Gold Coast.

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Bertil Lintner

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Lintner, Bertil

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Bertil Lintner is regarded by many as the most authoritative Western voice on Burma. But these days his articles on Burma appear less frequently in the Far Eastern Economic Review, for whom he has written for the last 20 years. Has he lost interest in Burma? No. The Swedish journalist still keeps his eyes on Burma from his home in northern Thailand. But for journalists there is not much going on in Burma, he says.