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Has Alex Morgan finally met his match? 

A ghost from the past, an omnipotent billionaire, loyalty tested to the limit and all roads lead to RENEGADE. Morgan commits to the toughest mission of his career and his chances of survival are slim at best. Trust has become little more than a commodity to be bought and sold and old friends re-emerge as the very heart of INTREPID faces destruction.

General Davenport sends Alex Morgan deep into the shadows of the post Cold War European underworld to stare fear in the face, unseat an oligarch, and bring a spy in from the cold. But Morgan's connection to the target is closer than he could ever have imagined.

Helldiver brings Interpol’s ultra secret, black ops division Intrepid to it’s knees, and it’s up to Alex Morgan and Elizabeth Reigns to wrest their agency back from the brink.

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