Following the phenomenal success of Jane R Goodall's 2004 debut novel The Walker comes the second Briony Williams, thriller The Visitor. Twin boys run away from their au pair on a trip to the Oxford countryside. They race into some woods where they see a man chopping. At first they think he is chopping wood, but what he is holding in his hand is not an axe, and the shape on the ground is not a tree. Their au pair, Sylvie, sets off to look for them...

Briony Williams has moved to Oxford. This story begins as she speeds across the city to the murder site, where Sylvie Bec has been found dead - killed by a single blow that crushed her skull. The forensic pathologist says he has never seen anything like it...


Jane R Goodall

Associate Professor Jane Goodall was born in the UK, where she studied at London and Oxford Universities, and now lives in Sydney Australia. She has written books and journal articles on drama and the history of ideas and is Research Director of the College of Arts, Education and Social Sciences at the University of Western Sydney.

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Review THE WALKER - Jane R Goodall
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
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