A widowed mother. A blood-soaked nursery. A missing baby.

When David Cavanaugh hears of this heinous crime, he knows immediately he doesn't want to touch it. The mother's guilt is obvious to all, and David and his team are determined to be bystanders only to Detective Joe Mannix's traumatising investigation.

So when David is unwittingly drawn into the case and appointed the mother's defence attorney, he knows the road ahead will be tough.

With the odds stacked against them, David and his team get to work to prove their client's innocence, but time is running out. When there is a vicious attack on David's family, it proves they're on the right track, but it also seems that this time, David has taken on the one case that will be impossible to win. And one that could have devastating consequences for those closest to him.


Sydney Bauer

Sydney Bauer has worked as a journalist and TV executive. As Director of Programming for a major Australian network, Sydney was able to indulge a personal passion for US dramas such as CSI, Law and Order and The Practice and meet with revered TV writers such as Steven Bochco, Aaron Sorkin and Dick Wolf. Sydney Bauer resides in Sydney and has just finished writing her second novel, Gospel.

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