Paul Harrigan is a top cop who has survived the corruption and political manoeuvrings of the NSW Police. So far ...

Grace Riordan has left the Service and now works in the shadowy world of undercover intelligence – so she and Harrigan can't talk about work much. Harrigan is called to a grisly murder scene in Sydney's wealthy north: four dinner guests are seated around the dinner table – all dead. One of them a Senator's ex–wife; one of them a missing corrupt NSW detective. And the mummified condition of the detective's body – identified by a distinctive tattoo – suggests he has been dead for quite some time ...

While Harrigan is facing the demons of his past, Grace is drawn into the investigation through some very unofficial enquiries of her own. Enquiries which will lead to a flashpoint neither can predict.Politics, corruption, big business, espionage and illicit technology ...


Alex Palmer

Alex Palmer was born in London in 1952. Her father abandoned her family when she was very young and they left England when she was five to live variously in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, arriving in Sydney in the late 1960s. Here, she studied English literature and language at Macquarie University and later sat for a postgraduate Diploma in information management at the University of New South Wales. Alex has traveled extensively in Australia and in Asia, Europe, Britain and North America. After a working life which has ranged from occupations as diverse as geriatric nursing to automated systems design, she now writes full time. She is married and lives in Canberra.

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Series: Paul Harrigan and Grace Riordan

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