Parental guilt being the relentlessly crushing weight that it is on all of us takes shape in the form of a near drowning in TAKE ME IN.  Holidaying couple Tessa and Marcus are making the best of things on their week by the seaside, but in their right mind know that taking a toddler on a holiday is classic SSDS.  Collapsing onto a pebbled beach and tasked to keep an eye on his young son whilst wife Tessa goes to change, Marcus very quickly nods off and awakens to shouts and screams.  Three-year-old Josh is rescued from the water by a tall and unsettling stranger, the epitome perhaps of capable masculinity that has Marcus reacting in an odd way to the man.   Is it Marcus’s insecurity around alpha males or is it the man’s demeanour; Marcus is not quite sure but the hackles of both parents are raised pretty much straight away by their son’s rescuer. Dave Jepsom has an odd intensity about him.

Things have not been great recently between Tessa and Marcus so naturally the near death of their son, whilst the attention of both young parents was elsewhere, places a further strain on the relationship.   When Dave starts popping up in the background of their life and then KNOCKS at their FRONT DOOR, lines are being crossed.  What can they do to repay Dave, and what can they do to make him go away?

Year of Publication
Review Take Me In, Sabine Durrant
Andrea Thompson
Monday, August 6, 2018

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