Sympathy for the Devil reveals what the 1994 Wood Royal Commission into police corruption wasn't told. The depth, nature and extent of the corruption revealed in the NSW police force by the Wood Royal Commission was astounding and appalling. Much of what was learned came from police officers who 'rolled over'. One of the first was Trevor Haken, who now lives in hiding, afraid for his life. But Sympathy for the Devil goes beyond his evidence to the Commission. It is a startling and revealing expose of a system that was supposed to uphold the truth and protect its citizens, but instead fell into chaos and corruption at its very heart.


Sean Padraic

Sean Padraic was born in country New South Wales. His grandfather ran a pub and during the beer shortage of the 1930s, brought in beer from South Australia on a truck accompanied by the local police sergeant. This was the start of a long association with the New South Wales police. Padraic currently lives in Chicago.

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