Murder Mystery Is

Left Up to YOU, the Reader!

A murder has been committed at sea and YOU are the detective assigned to the case. It’s up to YOU to get to the bottom of this heinous crime. There’s Something Fishy Aboard the Red Herring: Can YOU Catch the Killer?

The case’s police file is ready for your detective skills. You will find all the forensic documents, suspect interviews, CSI reports, hard evidence, letters and photos. The case involves a group of five friends who set out from Palm Beach, Florida, for an overnight cruise to the Bahamas. When one of them goes missing during the night, the four remaining passengers become suspects in the murder case.

Can YOU bring the killer to justice? In the last section is the murderer’s full confession. But don’t you dare read it until you think you’ve solved the case! The evidence is all there. Can YOU Catch the Killer?

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